Gary and Felicia Sanders welcome you to our family run farm in Cornwall. Popham Alpacas is situated in the beautiful area of south-east Cornwall bordering with Devon.

We pride ourselves in the way we care for our alpacas.

Our experience has shown that the quieter the alpaca the easier they are to handle.

For this reason we ensure a calm and relaxing approach to their management. Our alpacas are handled regularly from birth, they become accustomed to human interaction and noise. Visitors often remark on how settled and relaxed our alpacas appear.

Alpaca Sales

  • Interested in starting with alpacas?
  • Or want to increase your herd with some quality breeding females?
  • Looking for a Special future Herd Sire?
  • Want some boys to protect your chickens/lambs?
  • Whatever your budget we can help you. We have pregnant females, younger females, stud males, guardian males or some boys to keep your grass down! alpacas for sale

How can we help?

We started with alpacas in 2002 after we sold our ponies. We didn’t know much then but over the intervening years we have learn’t a great deal. We have been very successful in the show rings and in recent years have won Supreme at the Nationals in both Huacaya and Suri. So you could say we know our “chilli” from our “beans”. But not only have we learn’t how to improve quality through selective breeding but have also gained an extensive amount of knowledge about alpaca care. We can offer an “Alpaca Husbandry Service” with training if required. Gary sanders is an Affiliated BAS Trainer, one of the few in the South West. Please contact us if you feel this may be of interest.