Alpaca Sales

Are you looking for a “starter group” to get you on the road?

Or want to increase your present herd with some quality breeding females?

Looking for a special future herd sire?

Want some boys to protect your chickens/lambs?

Or just some pet boys to keep the grass down?

Whatever your budget we are sure we can help.

  • Veterinary Health certificate on all breeding alpacas
  • Handover report with up to date worming and vaccination regime
  • Pregnant females ultrasound pregnancy scanned and live 48 hour cria guarantee
  • BAS registered and microchipped
  • Continued after sales support with advice and training

Why not contact us to discuss your requirements or even visit to see what we have. We always have alpacas for sale, its just that they are not always listed!


Popham Suri Floppsy

Every year we release a few of our weanling females, chosen because of their quality and top genetics. Floppsy is one of these. Showing great structure to her locks with excellent lustre. A real “gem” and definitely one for the future.

Price : £1500 plus VAT

Popham Justine

Justine is a small compact female like her mother Yvette, who is one of our elite females. Justine although fawn has a black sire so one would hope she will produce coloured offspring. She will be ready to mate in the spring.

Price : £2000 plus VAT SOLD

Popham Peaches

Peaches is a little independent soul .She loves her food and fights her own corner but at the same time is easy to handle. Peaches will I think look very like her dad, Bucanneer when she is older. The exciting prospect is she has the appy gene from her grandfather Camouflage. A lovely light fawn colour, exceptional staple length and very fine

Price : £1500 plus Vat SOLD

Popham Suri TU-TU

Proving to be an excellent mother, Tu-Tu would be an excellent start for anyone looking to breed suris. Light fawn in colour with a soft handling fleece showing great re-growth. She is pregnant to Canon LMD 22/8/17

Price : £1000 plus Vat SOLD

Popham Ivory

A well grown female with great capacity. So well grown we decided to mate her as a yearling and sure enough she took first time. (LMD 8/8/17) Excellent staple length and with spotty and coloured genetics in her background her mating to Joshua should produce a stunning cria.

Price : £1500 plus VAT SOLD

Popham Goldie

A top class female who after a stellar show career is now proving to be an excellent mother. Her first cria was a superb brown female called Treacle who is now with Sherrif Alpacas. Treacle did very well at the 2017 Nationals where she was placed 3rd in a large class. Her second cria, now weaned, is a gorgeous light brown male sired by Shogun. She is now pregnant to our top stud Commander. LMD 22/8/17

Price : £3500 plus Vat SOLD

Popham Flo

Flo is a little cracker. She will be in our show team if unsold. Exceptional staple length, uniform colour and very fine all on a well grown and perfectly balanced frame.

Price : £3500 plus VAT SOLD

Popham Suri Daphne

One of our top breeding females. Her re-growth is showing good structure and retains wonderful lustre which was a trademark of her father Gomez who is now a resident stud in the Netherlands. We are shortly to wean her 2017 cria sired by Canon who is of show quality. She is a half sister to Carlos our 2016 National Supreme Champion

Price : £2500 plus VAT SOLD

Popham Suri Daffodil

Another cracking weanling female of show quality. Exceptionally well grown with a very soft lustrous fleece which is the quality all Canon’s offspring exhibit.

Price : £1750 plus Vat SOLD

Popham Two Spot

We gave Two Spot her name because when she was born we are sure she had two spots! When we cam to shear her we could only find one but the name remained! Two Spot is a real character, always with her head in a bucket or through a gate. She has spotty genetics so has been mated to Camouflage so hopefully her cria with have more than “two spots”!!

Price : £2000 plus Vat SOLD

Popham Tina

Sired by Alpaca Stud Masquerade and with Camouflage as her grandsire this young huacaya female has appaloosa genes on both sides. An exceptionally soft fleece with an impressive regrowth rate all on a well balanced stature and an excellent bite.

Price : £2000 plus vat SOLD

Popham Apricot

Best way to describe this girl is "she's a cracker". Well balanced with a perfect bite. Her fleece is a beautiful honey/apricot colour and uniform all over. Very fine with a lovely soft handle. Light female Champion and Judges Choice at The CCA Show 2017 followed by Champion Light Female at Devon County 2017.

Price : £4500 plus vat £3500 plus vat SOLD