Reflecting the changing face of the alpaca industry for all the opportunities it offers. Camouflage, a rare stunning leopard appaloosa huacaya stud male is striking, both for his remarkable pattern of colour and his advanced quality of fleece. His spots run from the top of his ears right down to his toes and he has a wide variation in colouring ranging from white to brown to rose grey on his back line; a true appaloosa, not a fancy or multi. But it is not only about his spots, Camouflage’s sire needs no introduction being the renowned Jolimont Warrior who has won numerous prizes himself including Supreme at Royal Melbourne in 2004. His progeny have set the records in Australia for consistently bringing home the prizes across a range of colours. His grandsire is ILR Pperuvian Auzengate whose progeny had at our last count in 2004 won 243 Championships and 21 Supreme titles in Australia. (Auzengate has sadly passed away now). Camouflage’s first fleece in June ’06 measured micron 15.0, SD 3.5, CV 23.1%. In July ’07 it was micron 16.8, SD 3.8, CV 22.4%.

Fleece Stats:          

AAFT 25 June 2015  26.9mic/6.2mic SD/23.2 CV 

AAFT 17 June 2014  24.4mic/5.0mic SD/20.3 CV

Drive by:                 £650.00 plus VAT

Mobile Mating:      £800.00 plus VAT.


  Peruvian Male
Jolimont Conquistador (Solid White-Huacaya)
  Jolimont Serena (Solid White- Huacaya)


Jolimont Warrior (Solid White-Huacaya)


Peruvian Male
Jolimont Marilu (Solid White-Huacaya)
  Peruvian Female
Ambersun Camouflage of Popham
Peruvian Male
ILR Peruvian Auzengate (Solid White-Huacaya)
Peruvian Female
Ambersun Sprinkles (Appaoolsa-Huacaya)
Lammle’s Macho Dandy (Solid Light Fawn-huacaya)
Royal Canadian Chiquita (Solid Light Fawn-Huacaya)
Royal Canadian Safari (Solid Medium Brown – Huacaya)